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                企業管理學系  Department Of Business Administration




In view of the rapid changes of domestic industries, our school established Department of Business Administration in July, 1998. After entering World Trade Organization (WTO), Taiwanese enterprises are bound to face increasingly fierce competition with foreign companies, and they require managing personnel more than ever. TSU is located close to South Taiwan Science Park (STSP); in responding to the demands from the current national construction and future development, we have recruited domestic and overseas scholars to set up The Department of Business Administration. We aim to develop managing personnel who are proficient in both business administration and its practices in the hope of improving the economy of south Taiwan and of enhancing the efficiency of business administration. In an effort to follow up the changes of Taiwan's industrial structures and international trends, enterprises have increasing demands for professional managing experts. Thus, our Department will work toward the following four goals:

(1) To follow the current trend of globalization among enterprises, we train managing experts with international views.

(2) To respond to the development of South Taiwan Science Park, we emphasize the importance of training managing experts for high-tech industries.

(3) To respond to the development of Taiwan's small and medium enterprises, we emphasize the importance of training managing experts for high-tech industries.

(4) To respond to the requirements of business from Jayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung regions and to their demands for excellent managing experts, we regularly organize seminars and lectures on enterprises' management practices so as to promote favorable interaction with nearby enterprises.

Ideas and Objectives
Our objective is to instill students in professional knowledge, skills and macro international visions so as to prepare them with the ability to combine theories and practices and become excellent managing experts who have a command of humanities and scientific knowledge. In view of the demands of present society, we focus on training modern managing experts. Therefore, we provide five important areas of courses of management: (Information, Marketing, Finance, Production, and Personnel), international business administration courses, and courses related to language and computer information. We hope that our graduates can apply their managerial knowledge to different industries and enterprises so as to be contributive to the whole nation.

Future Developments
Department of Business Administration is not only the core department of the school but also the key department for our transformation into to a university. In the future, our department will be playing a significant role in bridging the gap between disciplines of humanities, social sciences and management. The functional goals we intend to achieve are as follows:

(1) In coordination with publication of TSU Management book series, we will compile regional teaching materials in the field of business administration. In order to improve students' learning, the serial books will be based on the five areas of business administration.

(2) To cooperate with the academic research section of our school, we will regularly organize on-campus seminars and encourage our teachers to publish their theses and to participate in seminars, exhibitions and competitions of their works. Moreover, according to "Regulations governing TSU Seminars", we will from time to time invite excellent scholars to offer academic exchanges.

(3) We will promote participation in research projects authorized by the NSC, the SMEA, the CEPD and domestic industries, and will work on integrated case studies so as to enhance faculty’s and students' research potentials and abilities.

(4) To promote research, we will assist our teachers in applying for subsidies of research projects and rewards for their results. In addition, we will encourage our teachers to perform academic research according to " TSU Regulations Governing Academic Research Subsidies and Fellowships.”

The Department of Business Administration is the core department of a school of management. We aim to respond to the government's policies of economic development and education and to satisfy high- and vocational school graduates’ and in-service training students’ needs of acquiring knowledge in the field of business administration. As regards the trends of internationalization, pluralization and digitization of business administration, we provide students with the greatest faculty and the best equipped classrooms. Our medium and long term plans are as follows:

(1) To set up master’s and doctoral programs in business administration.

(2) To set up programs of master’s credits in business administration.

(3) To set up EMBA program. (All across Taiwan)

(4) To assist establishing a research center for our school.

(5) To conduct academic exchanges of students and scholars with top institutions of higher learning in business administration in Mainland China.

(6) To establish alliances and sister relations with top foreign institutions of higher learning in business administration, to conduct academic exchanges of faculty and students, and to help students on both sides to mutually select classes from each campus.

(7) To carry out a five-year plan for the completion of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in order to make our instruction more flexible.

(8) To recruit more domestic and overseas scholars so as to upgrade our school's academic and instructional prestige.

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